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A Christmas Carol 2009 TELESYNC XviD-PrisM

A Christmas Carol 2009 TELESYNC XviD-PrisM

Movie Informtation:::::
Original Movie Site::::N/A
Genre::::::::::::::::::Animation | Drama | Family | Fantasy
Rating:::::::::::::::::7.2/10 (2,230 Votes)
Plot:::::::::::::::::::An animated retelling of Charles ~censored~ classic
novel about a Victorian-era miser taken on a journey of self-redemption,
courtesy of several mysterious Christmas apparitions.

Video Specifications:::
Format:::::::::::::::::MPEG-4 Visual
Duration:::::::::::::::1Hour 25Minutes
Overall Bitrate::::::::1153KBPS
Frame Rate:::::::::::::23.976FPS
Video Source:::::::::::A Christmas Carol MMX ty.

Audio Specifications:::

right, little late due to been busy but...quite a bit
on this 1....firstly loaded it up in vdub to change a few things
went on to fixing the colors a little from it being mostly blue
i went and found some filters took a while :( but found a good 50
color filters which work brill....anyway, i fixed some of the colors
then used a sharpness filter witha touch of vid de-noise, fixed the
brightness and contrast, its still quite dark but the best overall
now and to be honest its a year til a dvdrip as with all christmas movies
so hope a screener or another source comes out, now to the audio, i was
gonna use imagine's and mux it straight on....but to find at around 46minute
mark imagine's video had a 9 second dupe vid fiasco, weird tbh as they must
of added it to their as it their to get the audio the same their....anyway
its all synced fine now enjoy!

Get well soon KB!

Keep It Strong! Njoy:)

Sample Included!

Enjoy ;)

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