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Canadian Retail Solutions POS software

Can you even imagine a modern retail business without a Point of Sale (POS) system? The true strategic advantage that an intelligent, integrated point of sale software system can bring is how it can help manage your business, instead of just reporting on it. Any good POS software can save you time, increase accuracy and control what happens at the sales counter. But most systems involve high prices, complex setup and big training requirements. Now available in Canada, POS software system named Retail Pro® from Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS), this innovative software is available at a low, one-time installation cost with no additional transaction fees and an optional annual maintenance program. Retail Pro® is the alternative that removes these barriers with an easy to use, affordable system. Since 1991, Retail Pro® Point Of Sale has evolved into a cutting-edge system while simplicity has remained a priority. It will enhance your operation, providing you with increased speed, accuracy and control of your inventory - all of which lead to increased profits and more time to focus on growing your business.

Retail Pro®, is sophisticated POS solution for retailers. Developed by Island Pacific, Retail Pro® is currently used in more than 55,000 stores in 73 countries and delivers a comprehensive range of streamlined retail management solutions. Available in 18 languages, Retail Pro® is recognized worldwide for its ease of customization – from simple to sophisticated – and for its limitless scalability. Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) also offer certain point of sale hardware and supplies on-line as a convenience to customers and smaller retailers looking to get started inexpensively. Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) represents a full range of the latest Point of Sale (POS) Hardware and peripherals. Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) partner with internationally recognized brands and products, such as IBM POS, Dell POS, Zebra Printers, Star Printers and Symbol among many others, to providing retailers with complete technology solutions.